Executive Head: Mrs Louise Lewis

Raysfield Infant School

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Raysfield Junior School

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The Governing Body of the Federated Raysfield Schools was formed in September 2015. It is made up from Staff, Parents, Community and Co-opted governors with responsibilities for all aspects of managing the schools. 

The Role of the Governing Body 

The Governing Body is responsible for the strategic management of the school. This includes appointing the head teacher and involvement in interviewing other staff. The governors are responsible and accountable for ensuring that the schools discharge their statutory duties under the law. They ensure that the leadership and management of the schools have appropriate plans and resources in place to deliver a high quality and effective learning experience for all children, whatever their ages and ability, so that every child can achieve his or her full potential. The Governing Body also acts as a ‘critical friend’, monitoring performance and attainment, managing the budgets and overseeing the maintenance of the premises, all to ensure that the schools are providing an effective education.

Main Governors’ meetings are held at least once a term.  There are also sub committees which report back to the Main Governing Body meetings. Governors are linked to committees and one of their main roles is to monitor the school development plan.

Meeting Dates

Children’s & Resources Committees 18/06/2018

FGB 11/07/2018  

Who we are

D Champion
S Dewfall
S Gillham
J Hale
C Hayward
N Kelcey – Chair
L Lewis

J Lott
L Perry
S Shepherd
H Turner
M Williams
T Norris – Clerk